About us

CANTINETTA is casual, bustling with energy, and really friendly. Simply put, CANTINETTA is a genuine, Roman osteria with Amsterdam style.

In the early evening, pick your spot at our intimate, café-tiled bar and enjoy our signature aperitivo and a plate of suppli al telefono –  a favorite Roman snack or “street-food” – while watching as we wrap up daily production in our “pasta workshop”.

Later, meet up with family or friends over steaming plates of Spaghetti Carbonara made with local, farm-fresh eggs and mouth-watering guanciale.

During dinner share a bottle of vino naturale from our ever-flowing, eco-friendly wine tap, and pay only for what you drink!

Or simply slip into CANTINETTA, before heading home to bed to share a slice of warming, seasonal fruit crostata and a steaming cup of rich and robust, locally roasted coffee served via stainless steel caffettiera.


Claudia is a native of North Holland…born and raised just outside of
Amsterdam. She studied English and American Studies at Leiden University, and, while literature, writing and history occupy a significant place in Claudia’s life, she has recently developed a penchant for dough-making and bread baking, and for sustainable, artisan wine.
At Cantinetta, Claudia is overseeing the daily floor operations, customer service, and, of course, the wine and beverage program.


Deborah has worked in the culinary industry for more than two decades, managing all aspects of both mid and high-volume, high-quality, service-oriented food businesses. Trained as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, she has been involved in the fast-growing sustainable and local food movement in the U.S., working in leadership roles for progressive food companies in the  Washington, D.C.-area, Northern California and, most recently, in Portland, Oregon.  She has extensive experience producing and preparing menus ranging from the simple to the complex. Inspired, since a young age, by her Italian mother and grandmother to cook and enjoy Italian fare, Deborah is well-versed in the production of fresh pasta. Deborah is overseeing the culinary and pasta-making program at Cantinetta.